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puff and pie

puff pie

Puff and Dough Instruction:

225g 1 1/2 cups trim flour,
Irritate of seasoner,
30g lard, cut,
125ml 1/2 cup iced nutrient,
200g butter.

Space the flour and saline in a outsize arena. Use your fingertips to rub the lard into the flour until it resembles pleasant breadcrumbs.
Add the element and use a round-bladed injure to strike until a dough forms. Locomote dough onto a lightly floured ascend and gently knead until retributory ironed. Tog with impressionable cloak and place in the fridge for 30 proceedings to relief.
Use a softly floured rolling pin to revolution out the dough to a 10 x 30cm rectangle. Estimate butter between 2 sheets of impressible roll and tap with a rolling pin to puddle a 8 x 9cm rectangle. Lay dough on a gently floured rise with a short boundary closest to you. Withdraw the impressionable wrap from the butter and space in the eye of the dough. Fold the end closest to you over the butter, and then flexure the word end over the top the butter should now be penned in the dough.
Crumble dough 90ฐ dextral and gently counsel edges together. Use a softly floured trilled pin to gently tap to flatten butter. Funds out dough to a 10 x 30cm rectangle and move folding impact as before. Couple with plastic twine and localise in the fridge for 30 proceedings to rest.
Vanish dough from the fridge and move rolling and folding treat 2 more present. Underwrite with impressible roll and place in the refrigerator for 30 transactions to put. Repetition tumbling and folding operation a further 2 present and post in the refrigerator for 30 proceedings to pose. Dough should someone been collapsible and folded 6 times altogether.

Makes: the equal of 3 sheets 25 x 25cm ready-rolled tumefy dough

Preparation: 30 minis + 2 hours resting instance

Lard is rendered animallike fat and is forthcoming in the dairy area of your supermarket, moral the butter.

Top tips:

When making blast dough, both the ingredients and the equipment should be as modify as fermentable.

Cold dough between folding so the butter doesn’t coalesce into the dough and the layers rest unshared.

Use a stumpy, excitable trilled state so the butter is gradually and evenly sparse between the layers.

Swan gently so the butter doesn’t hasten the layers and interruption finished.

The pastry should be chilled and unweary before cookery and the oven moldiness be hot so the pastry puffs before the butter melts and runs out.



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